Intensive Opportunity

Are you willing to let others watch while you get help and grow?

So many couples wonder what good therapy looks like. Like you, they struggle and don’t know how to make progress but don’t know what to expect from therapy. For a long time, I have desired to video tape an intensive so others can see the process. This is a three day event, six hours per day. The location would be at our offices in Southern California. You would be responsible for expenses such as travel, lodging and food. I would ask that you and your spouse read our book How We Love or watch the 6-hour How We Love DVD workshop, as a couple before attending the intensive.

Our approach is developmental and we dive into quite a bit of childhood history. You can each anticipate vulnerable discussions about your childhood and how those experiences connect to the current problems in your relationship. All or parts of the video would be used on our website to help others. Some parts of the taping may be sold as products. Not only would you have to be comfortable with strangers seeing this, but you would have to be comfortable with your parents, relatives, friends or adult kids possibly seeing this since I have no control over who visits the website.

Obviously you both need to be comfortable with this decision, not just one of you. I don’t want anyone to pressure their spouse to participate. I realize it’s impossible to really know what to expect, but I am willing to do this at no cost if you are comfortable giving Milan and Kay Resources, Inc. complete rights over how this video is used. If at the end, you don’t feel comfortable, I would charge my normal fee which is $3500. Email me at if you have discussed this thoroughly with your spouse and are willing to do this.

Pray about it. Blessings, Kay