In this workshop we discuss the five love styles and the common sexual problems each faces. If a couple cannot open up emotionally and spiritually the sexual relationship will reflect that difficulty. A lot of us bare our bodies in a sexual encounter without ever having exposed much of our soul. We attempt to enjoy physical intimacy while struggling with emotional intimacy. In many cases, we don’t even know how to uncover our soul and be vulnerable with our clothes on.

As a couple learns how to cultivate a deep emotional bond and a spiritual connection they bring those parts of their relationship into every sexual encounter. Of all of God’s creation, sex has been the most distorted, spoiled and desecrated from God’s original design and intent. In fact we are so saturated with the world’s view it’s difficult to keep God’s perspective in mind.

Whats New?

• This new 6 hour workshop contains: 8 sexions (Milan loves this word) approximately 40-45 minutes each.
• The latest research on the female sexual response cycle providing new insight regarding the common female problem of “low desire”.
• A new and informative Ted Talk that offers a new look at pornography.
• How to negotiate a mutually satisfying sex life.
• 34 questions for couples to foster discussion about sex.
• Fast food sex vs banquet sex.
• Learning to be fully present during sex
• A new syllabus with the DVD that contains discussion questions for couples at the end of each session.
• Higher quality filming and DVD production.

We are passionate about the contents of this seminar because we watch the “lights go on” as people understand for the first time how to bring healing to their relationships. We consistently hear feedback from attendees that this workshop gave new insights and helped open up discussion that was beneficial to a couple’s sex life. The workshop comes in DVD, CD and audio download formats. Click here to view or purchase product!

Thank you for your support and congratulations to all of you who are working hard to grow!