Healing Attachment & Trauma

A Two Half-Day Workshop on Attachment and Trauma to Help Facilitate Deep Healing and Connection in Yourself and Your Family.
About this Event
Zoom Event – Free
Friday, July 10, 6-9PM & Saturday, July 11, 9AM-Noon on ZOOM.

We all develop attachment styles in our early childhood. These attachment styles affect how we connect in relationships as children and well into our adulthood. They affect everything from our marital relationships to our parenting abilities. Understanding our own impaired relationship style will help us discover and heal the root causes behind our triggers. If your family is struggling to move past the trauma related behaviors and you are struggling to be the parent you want to be for your child, this workshop is for you! If you are stuck correcting your child more than building deep connections with your child, this workshop is for you! If you are unable to identify your own needs, let alone your child’s needs behind their behavior, this workshop is for you! Milan and Kay Yerkovich have helped thousands of people learn how to bring deep healing and connection into their marriage and family relationships. They are the creators of Attachment Core Pattern Therapy, specializing in the application of attachment research. As founders of Relationship 180, a Christian counseling center, and co-authors of How We Love and How We Love Our Kids, they not only have the professional expertise but their own personal struggles were the catalyst for their own healing and what has become their life work. In this workshop you will discover the tools needed to facilitate your own life change and how to change the dynamics in your family’s relational connections.

This registration is for both dates: The event will be on Zoom and we will send the zoom meeting information on Thursday, July 9.

What You Will Discover:

Friday – Discovering Awareness

What determines how we love.
Attachment Styles that impair how we love.
How trauma impairs us and how to facilitate change
Saturday – Tools for Healing

Changing how we love – breaking core patterns
Self Awareness
Triggers & Implicit memories
Comfort Circle (healing through the attachment cycle)
Using Soul Words to identify and meet needs
What to do When Your Alone on this Journey
We strongly suggest that you click here and take the Love Style Quiz before attending.

About the Speakers:

KAY YERKOVICH, M.S., M.F.T. Kay is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and has been counseling with people for over 30 years. She is a popular speaker and lecturer in the areas of parenting and marriage relationships. In her free time Kay enjoys creative hobbies, ceramics, painting and sewing. Taking a swim in the ocean is her favorite way to renew her energy.

REV. MILAN YERKOVICH, M.A. Milan specializes in couples’ marriage counseling and is the founder and president of Relationship 180, a non-profit Christian counseling center specializing in the application of attachment research (www.relationship180.com). He has a master’s degree in Biblical studies and has worked with marriages and families for over 40 years and is a Bible teacher and lecturer in the areas of relational theology, marriage, family, and parenting. He is a Co-Host of New Life Live! a nationally syndicated counseling show heard on over 180 radio stations, which can be seen on the NRB television network (www.newlife.com). He loves to row crew, swim and is a martial arts instructor.