Growth and Maturity

So, what do we need to do to grow? Part 2! Remember, that relationships are the great exposer of my weaknesses. Therefore:
4. We need to learn to become vulnerable (showing hurt and pain) letting down our defenses.
5. We are required to become humble and learn to confess our weaknesses and tell our significant relationships of our contribution to the problem. When is the last time you confessed a sin to your spouse or children?
6. We need to learn to forgive from the heart, a process of releasing ourselves as well as others from the prison cell of debt.
7. We must grow in our ability to tolerate as well as cultivate new emotions in ourselves and in others.
8. We need to adopt a redemptive faith in Jesus Christ, which enables us to have the capacity and the power to change by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

So far, all of the topics discussed have been general in nature and apply to us all. Starting next week, we will talk about individual growth goals for each of the broken attachment styles.
Thanks for listening,
Milan and Kay

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