Giving and Receiving

Happy New Year to all of you from Milan and Kay.

Well, we all made it through the holidays and we have begun a new year.

Since we have just passed through the season of giving lets look at each of the love styles as givers and receivers for the January newsletters.

We need to be good at both roles, sometimes as the giver and sometimes the receiver.

Each love style has propensities and predictable behaviors and each style has ways they need to grow to be conformed to Christ’s image.

Although we think of Christ as the ultimate giver, he was also a receiver.  He received housing and meals from Martha and Mary.  He asked for water when engaging with the women at the well.  He sent his disciples to prepare Passover.  He allowed the woman to anoint him with oil before his death.  He asked three of His disciples (Peter, James and John) to be with Him in the garden during his darkest hour.  Jesus was honest about his anguish and distress and asked them to stay with him and pray.

In his humanness Jesus was sometimes the receiver, being ministered to by others.

Many times Jesus was the giver, ministering to those in need.

Stop and ask yourself a few questions.

How would you rate your self as a giver?

Are you generous?

What is hardest for you to give?

How would your family and friends rate you as a giver?

Are their things they desire from you emotionally or spiritually that you find it difficult to give?

Now think about your self as a receiver.

Can you ask for help?

Can you accept a compliment and truly take it in?

Can you be vulnerable enough to let others know when you are not OK or do they have to guess?

How are you at receiving gifts?

OK let’s take it up a notch.

How do you do as a receiver when someone has a complaint or problem?

Can you receive it with an open mind?


Milan & Kay