Full Day Parenting Conference @ Saddleback Church FREE

Don’t pass us this opportunity.  We are speaking with Karyn Purvis on May 2 at the Orphan Conference.  While the talks are geared toward adoption any parent can benefit from what will be shared.  Best of all…it’s FREE.

See below for information about the conference.

Register by going to Saddleback.com.  click on the news and events  and you will get a drop down menu.  Click on event calendar.  Events are listed by date.  Go to 5/2  Orphan Summit Pre Conference with karen Purvis and...Click on this event and you will see more information and a register button.  click on registration. If you are a saddlback member login and you will automatically be registered.  If not …create an account (it takes 1 minute) and when you finish you will be registered and get an email about your registration.  If you have any problem call  949-609-8000.

Orphan Summit Pre-Conference with Karyn Purvis and Milan & Kay Yerkovich


  • 09:00 AM
  • 05:00 PM
  • Worship CenterA Lake Forest Campus Event
  • Free



Unprecedented and the first-ever from three leading experts and authors in the area of attachment and its impact on relationships. Join us for Biblical truths that will change the way you relate to your spouse and children.


Created for Connection 9:00-12:00

Led by Karyn Purvis. Join Dr. Purvis, author of the “Connected Child”, to learn more about the significant emotional, social, and other issues faced by orphans and what you can do to build lasting, loving connection with them.

How We Love 1:00-4:00  (questions following)

Led by Milan and Kay Yerkovich. Join Milan and Kay, authors of “How We Love”, to learn about the most effective techniques to improve your relationships; proven tips and strategies to help you better understand and create a healthy family.