Do you wonder what God is doing in your life? Are you confused

Be sure and check out the recording of our last Monday night class on November 10, 2008 available at How We Love Online Store as a CD, download or DVD.  We had a fascinating teaching time and discussion about how expressing grief will help you heal from your injured attachment style.  It was so good I’m going to do a month long newsletter on the topic in the future.

For today, I want to encourage those of you who are struggling and doubting. 

 Do you wonder what God is doing in your life?  Are you confused?

Remember this wonderful verse……

Shall the potter be considered as equal with the clay?
That what is made should say to its maker, “he did not make me”;
Or what is formed say to him who formed it, ‘He has no understanding’?
                                                    Isaiah 29:16

He is the potter, I am the clay
A heap of broken shards, I lay.
All vestige of beauty lost,
What good can come at such a cost?
Now each shard He carefully takes,
And something new He slowly makes.
Each jagged edge fits just in place,
With brokenness He now creates.
New colors form as He designs,
With endless patience He refines.
My wonder mends the pain and ache.
Now tenderly my hand He takes,
And bids me touch….another’s broken place.

I wrote this during a difficult season in my life.

Sometimes life rips us up, tears our hearts and leaves us feeling broken beyond repair.

During difficult times we wonder, “What good can come from such pain?”

Our Lord Jesus is a Master Designer and He looks into the future and pictures the finished vessel in all its beauty and splendor.  He alone can create beauty out of our brokenness.  At times, only by faith can we submit to the loving Hands that mold and shape us into the unique vessel that ultimately will display our Father’s amazing workmanship.

God is slowly freeing us to become the man or woman He created us to be.

Trust him to use every circumstance in your life for His loving purpose.

He already sees His finished work.

Love and blessings,

Milan and Kay

Next week: More sections of scripture and my thoughts from these verses.