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Reactivity: Causes Of Over Reaction For Each Of The Love Styles

This month we are talking about reactivity and how it harms relationships.  Reactivity blocks reason!!  When you are reactive, you cannot listen.  You cannot separate the past from the present.  You cannot say things in a loving way.  The goal is to respond, not react.  Responsiveness is not clouded with reactivity. Let’s look at the common things that make each of the […]

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Lies embedded in the Love Styles – The Avoider

What lies do avoiders believe without much awareness of their existence?  Let’s focus  on the biggest; avoiders deem neediness as weak and pathetic.  We avoiders enter adulthood thinking independence and self sufficiency are highly valued traits and emotionally needy people are fragile and pathetic. While self-determination and self-sufficiency are sometimes useful and good, independence needs to be balanced with dependence […]

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