Catching Up:

Catching Up:
Have you missed our blog? We have missed writing it. Our last few months have been the busiest ever and we have been behind ever since. We have some exciting news! We are expecting two new grandbabies. Our youngest daughter Kelly is 17 weeks pregnant with a little boy and our oldest son Kevin’s wife, Stephanie is pregnant with their third and due a month before Kelly. So we are praising God for grandchild number 6 and 7. They will have fun together as cousins being so close in age.
We have been working hard on diagraming and explaining interventions for each of the core patterns and will have those available by the end of summer. This is information that isn’t in the book so we are excited as we know it will help a lot of you better understand your core dynamic and be able to overcome that harmful dance that blocks a deeper connection in your marriage.
We are doing a taping this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia for North Point church. We felt a lot of opposition before our Focus taping and have felt some of the same now. Please pray for us this weekend especially on Friday morning as we tape. We appreciate your prayers as we do experiences spiritual attacks, especially before big events.
Next week we will continue on some of the differences between the styles. The differences between the Vacillator and Controller will be next week’s topic.

Love and Blessings, Kay and Milan