Attachment Core Pattern Therapy™ CDs

Hello every one! Perhaps you’ve been wondering why there has been less blog activity over the last few months? It’s because we’ve been writing and recording new material since last winter which I am excited to introduce to you today!

When two differing attachment styles come together in a romantic relationship, things can be wonderful at first. But eventually when our emotions settle back down to reality, a destructive Core Pattern of emotional reactivity begins to develop which inhibits communication and bonding. In our book: How We Love (WaterBrook 2006), we title this section “Duets That Damage!”

Recently we trademarked “Attachment Core Pattern Therapy” ™ and have written new material which greatly expands the “Duets” section from the book. Kay and I have produced sixty minute CDs explaining each of the Core Patterns and interventions for how to get out of it. Additionally, each CD includes a PDF file with a diagram of the Core Pattern as well as an extensive written description and interventions for change.

The new series includes:
• Attachment Core Pattern Therapy ™ Overview
• The Vacillator Avoider Core Pattern
• The Avoider Pleaser Core Pattern
• The Pleaser Vacillator Core Pattern
• The Controller Vacillator Core Pattern
• The Controller Victim Core Pattern
• The Vacillator Vacillator Core Pattern
• Less Common Patterns: Avoider Avoider and Pleaser Pleaser

Over the next few weeks you will be exposed to a description of each of the new products as well as their release date on our web site

Love and thanks for your continued interest and support.



2 Responses to “Attachment Core Pattern Therapy™ CDs”

In the new core pattern therapy series I am wondering why are there not any controller avoider core patterns? I messaged you on another page regarding counselors in texas specialising in communication for my husband and I. I found this page and was excited to find more tools but our combination does not exist. Its not even in The book. Is there a reason for that? I am confused. We need all the help we can get to get through this turmoil. Dan, my husband is trying to learn to be in touch with his feelings and maintain freedom from his addiction to porn. His counselor and EMB have been of some help, however, after discovering your book on imprints it has opened our eyes to a greater understanding. My imprint being controling is NOT a good match to His being an avoider. His lieing and not listening or caring about my feelings throughs me into rages. I know that pushes him away. We are both desperately want to save our marriage but I am drowning! My fibromyalgia is full blown now (four months in), I have continuous anxiety and over the past several days I’ve started having panic attacks which I haven’t had in over 7 years.
Please let us know of any materials or resources you can suggest!! We are trying to figure out how to get to one of your speaking events as soon as possible. However, there is no doubt we need more help than a day can give us and we can not afford to go check into the Ranch or other intensive therapy center.
The Doctor Phil show wanted to have us on but they won’t do it with out Dan going on TV needless to say he won’t do it. Just fyi…I wrote in about needing help for myself, they called me wanting both of us.

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