Are You A Safe Shelter?

Are You A Safe Shelter?

I’m going to start the New Year sharing a beautiful poem one of my dearest clients wrote for me.

She came from a very abusive background and had no experience of emotionally healthy bonding growing up.

It’s taken years of therapy for her to trust love and let it inside.

She is an amazing writer and captured the essence of love in these lines.

I’ll share one or two stanzas a week, as I think we have a lot to learn about love through her words.

I’ll be challenging you to examine your most important relationships in light of her words.  At the end of the month, you’ll have a

“You are gusts of gentleness
Cool, swift movements of grace.
                                     My wind
You are drops of truth
Wet, clean pieces of trust.
                                     My rain
You are rays of strength
Warm, long moments of faith.
My sun
You are shades of safety
Green, sheltered canopies of peace.
                                       My tree   
You are heights of radiance
Blue, calm spaces of kindness.
                                        My sky

Do you love this poem?

What rich thoughts and pictures in just a few words.

Are you a safe person?

Would people feel protected around you?

Do you provide a refuge of shelter, or do others need a safe haven because of you?

Peacefulness is a good measure of safety.  When I think of the safe people in my life, their presence brings me tranquility.  I’m accepted for the good and even the faults and weaknesses I have.

Take a risk.

Be brave.

Choose three important people in your life and ask them,” Am I a safe person for you?”  “ What could I do to make our relationship a safer place?”

The sky is full of space.

Can you give others space?

Do others have freedom and permission to be themselves around you?

Or, are you only comfortable if everyone thinks like you do, does things your way and conforms to your expectations?


Milan & Kay

Next Week: Next stanza of my friend’s beautiful poem.

of the entire poem.